Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas vacation

presents from grandpa!

trying to conquer the step

Eli + Lucy= best buds!

uncle nick and lulu

grammie and lucy

grandma barker introduced lucy to cherrio's!

Barker family Christmas Eve...although you cannot see Ben, he is there... on the phone with Papa!

Barker cousins!

Lucy and the boys!

Baking with Grandma Barker

The best traveling baby!!!!!

Presents from daddy!


jd.janae. crew said...

I love her so much! She is just adorable! She is soooo well behaved!!! It was great to see you Kristen...and to finally meet Lucy! Can't wait till your next visit and the permanent move!!! Take care of that sweet baby for me!!!

Gates & Tausha said...

MAN kristin your little LUCY is a DOLL and a HALF!! :) your christmas looked AWESOMELY neat to spend great time with fam!! :) happy after-holidays!! :)

Barker's said...

Thanks for the comments! It was great to see you too Janae and Sweet baby Crew of course! Hope you doing well keeping track of everyone! ;)
Tausha, thanks for the compliments about Lucy! She is a really good baby! Our holidays were wonderful! How were yours? I am still trying to come up with a recipe for you... so hold tight and I will get it to you soon! Thanks

The Booher's said...

Lucy is so adorable, I need to meet her! looks like you guys had a fun and busy Christmas! Happy new year! Love you, Buffy

Natalie said...

I miss you Kristen! It was so good to see you! Sounds cliche but i really mean it. love you guys!

Taylor & Marisha said...


You look so good! I love all the Christmas picks, and can't believe how much Lucy has grown. She is so so cute! We loved your Christmas card, I had great intentions, but couldn't get our camera to cooperate... Next year. I need to call and get the update. We miss you guys. I wish you lived here!

Anonymous said...

How's lucy doing? Any teeth yet? What have you guys been up to? Call me soon!

Mark and Kristi said...

Those pictures are so adorable! I wish you would post some of you on there! Lucy is getting so big, crazy how fast that happens. I hope all is well with you! Miss you

Anonymous said...

love your baby! Can't wait to see you guys again! Would you move a little closer already! :) Brooke