Friday, March 7, 2008

Life's Little Blessings

Kraft knows how to market to those in desperate need of 10 minuets without interuption to do just one simple task.... That's right for the low low price of $3.49 a bag (which only lasts about 4 days in my household) I can get 10 min of baby free time! It amazes me that the same cheese, only shredded, is $2.49 for 2 times the amount... but not the same when it comes to a 10 month old feeding herself... the clean-up is definately worth that extra dollar for me! Thank you Kraft for once again giving me the means to spend $28 dollars a month for a little time for myself... wish it was a pedicure I was spending that money on, but nothing beats that face when she sees that bag of cheese!
disclaimer: I realize that the AAP (american academy of pediatrics) suggests that dairy not be introduced until 1 year... well let me tell you what I think about the AAP... well, I think I will keep my comments inside my house today rather than to the blogging world, but if anyone caught Larry King last night talking with a family about the effects of vaccines and autism.... you wouldn't listen to the AAP either!
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Natalie said...

Kristen. Good post. Great minds think alike:). I'm all fired up right now after clicking on your links. Good job! love you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hey that's some great information. I really admire you for your strength. It's definitely a scary thing. I don't know what I would do as a mother if that happened to one of my children. Very scary!
Hope everyone's doing well. Lucy looks like she's such a happy baby! Can you believe she's almost ONE?!
Love ya!