Thursday, July 9, 2009

Abbey's Wedding

We had a fantastic time on our vacation to Phoenix and California. The wedding was amazing! We had such a fun time! Lucy got her first haircut by her Aunt Abbey, she looks gorgeous as far as I am concerned... her Father was not too thrilled but I think loves it now! I indulged myself in repeated meals of the Mexican type... lets be honest peeps nobody does mexican food like the southwest! Abbey and I enjoyed a day at Burke was pure bliss! Congratulations Steven and Abbey on your marriage! We were so glad to be a part of your special day! We love you!


Haynsy said...

You are having way too much fun to be a married couple with a child.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Lucy has the BEST hair! Love it! I would love to meet up with you next time you're in Wa. PLEEEEEASE call me!


Barker's said...

I will for sure call! I want to see your kiddos! loves

you too daniel!