Monday, September 14, 2009


on a new blog over here... sorry for the delay of posts!
I am out doing lots of new projects that I plan on showcasing on my new blog.... Stay tuned for an update on the link to another Barker beauty!
For now, here are some little girl with her big girl panites

here is Ben waterskiing in Coeur d'Alene
My sweetest boy


Kara said...

Cute pictures! I love Peter's airplane hat- it's way too cute. Looking forward to your new blog!

Natalie said...

oh he is so pretty! new blog? we need to talk more...
love you!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

it was SO great to see you while you were out here in WA. The kiddos are gorgeous and so are you and the hubby :) love the pic of Peter sleeping in bed...reminds me of Jackson.

hope I can see you next time you're here!


Kristen said...

Kara- thank you! How are you feeling?
Nat... your right we do NEED to talk more!
Tiffany- it was so nice to see you and the kids too! I am so glad we finally re-connected! Congrats to Jackson for the dedication! We will most definately get together again when we come back! xoxo

mary.liz said...

WHOA!!! Who said Peter could grow up so much in just a few months?? I definitely see more of you in him. How adorable is he??

And LUCY...OMGOSH, I want to just take her for a long weekend. I miss her too!

Such cute kids. We miss you guys!