Friday, April 22, 2011

Number Five

It's been
( almost always happy)
years and we're still having fun!
Happy Anniversary

February 2006 (Ben's first time to Disneyland- or as I like to say "a Disney-virgin!")(engagement pictures March 2006)

He still gives me that "look"( April 2006- Maui, our honeymoon)

and sometimes I send him naughty text messages.

So, it's fair.

We really do love each other. We try everyday to find the good and appreciate the not-so-good. We are both very determined and set in our ways, but compromise beautifully- most of the time. He says I married him for "flight-benefits" I say I married him because he's got killer dance moves. He says he married me for my independence, I say he married me because of my ghetto booty! (it's true)
We have created 2 beautiful amazing children that are all ours and we do our best everyday to help them grow into what will hopefully be strong, independent, funny, creative, happy, well-grounded, loving, in-depth people.
He used to be patient, and now I have the "one-up"
I used to be spontaneous and now he is.
I like traditional, he likes contemporary.
We both love our families and each others.
He let's me talk, and talk, and talk and talk andtalkandtalkandtalk.
Then he says, "Kristen, get to the point already, and stop using your hands so much (just like my daddy)

We are a pretty good mix of a lot of things.
Mostly: love, hard-work, determination, compassion, and fun.
Mix it all together and you get us. And "us" is pretty awesome.
We're looking forward to the next 5 years and then eternity.

Oh, and he promised that if he ever leaves me, he'll take me with him.
Pretty sweet deal I think.


elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary. Five's a good one. I also thought that first picture of you two was recent, until I read it. Way to go.

tiffany jeanne said...

love this post! happy anniversary! kory and i will be celebrating 5 years this july and it's hard to believe it's been that long already! so happy that you're happy and you have such a lovely life! xoxo

Taylor, Marisha, and Bryn said...

Love love the post Kristen! You are great for each other and such a fun couple, we miss you and our short stay in the WV! L and P are way too cute for words.

Anonymous said...


Natalie said...

i love you guys. a lot.

Travis said...

So Nice...

Sam B. said...

Jen and I read this together - good stuff! Glad Ben still gives you "the look" from time to time, haha. Happy 5th Anniversary! Miss you guys.

-Sam and Jenny