Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We returned from our trip from phoenix and we found our precious Jackie-O.... however she has been processed and canned... and she changed her name to... Libby?
We are glad to have you back.... Jackie/Libby!


jd and janae said...

Happy you found her...that's cute!!! I am so bummed I missed you while you were here. I totally understand the babies come first. They rule our lives now, aren't we lucky! Did she cut through her teeth yet? What days in Nov. will y'all be back? How did family pics go with Nat? Did your cousin tell you she saw me at Super Target? She's like, "You look so familiar to me." " What's your name?" Then we made the relation. What a coinsidence -sp?

Gates & Tausha said...

hahaa...thats funny...Libby has a ring to it...weird mysterious pumpkin thief converter...or something. :) Happy Hallow!

The Booher's said...

Kristen you crack me up! I miss your fun sense of humor so its really refreshing to read your blog! Happy Halloween!