Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The first 2 pictures are for those of you who have incessently called me 2-3 times a day..." when are you going to put up more pictures of Lucy" so, you know who you are... here you go! Love ya! Kona and LuLu
As I wander around my house lately I wonder... is this really what I said I wanted? The dust, the 1940's plaster pieces in every possible nook and cranny trapesd throughout my house, did I mention the DUST? the continual hammering and drilling during every nap-time? YES! are you kidding me! I love it! Home restoration is fabulous! A bit wearing at times when all of your kitchen is between your living room and the basement, but it sure has cut down on my ability to HAVE to cook... I don't mind at all! I do have to give props where they are deserved, and that is: Ben and Lynn are super efficient and CLEAN, almost annoying at times how much they clean up after themselves...but in talking to my sister( who has been renovating/restoring in 2 houses over 11 years) I am blessed with the desire to have a husband that CLEANS... jealous? You should be! He is amazing, sometimes a bit quirky...but looks damn fine in a pilots uniform! So you give a little you take a little!

Whoever thought that drywall, mesh tape, new light switches (that are up to code), and putty could make a girl so happy?

Progress in the making!

2 wild and crazy guys!
( a SNL reference )

The spare bedroom being closed off to add an additional bathroom! I am so excited to finally have a bathroom on the main floor, how this house has survived almost an entire CENTURY without a bathroom on the main floor is mind-boggling, so leave it up to us... It will get done! ;)

Here are the promised pictures of the finished molding on the expanded door ways! Aren't they gorgeous! still needs paint... but we'll get there!


Taylor & Marisha said...


Hey!! How is life? Your house looks awesome, you should be very proud of Ben. Lucy is a doll, I don't call everyday, but I look frequently to see if you have any updates on your blog.

I am sorry to have hurt your feelings by putting the Calica picture on my blog, I feel really bad about it. However, even though I thought it was cute and love the memory....I took it off. :) I didn't even think of it embarrassing you when I put it on. Very Sorry!!

When are you guys going to come to Denver? Or to Utah? We really miss you, you definately can not be replaced!

Hope all is well! Lots of Love. Hugs to Ben and Lucy.

Barker's said...

I was not offended.. justsuper ashamed of my beached whale body being 7 months pregnant! you didn't hurt my feelings... just makes me want to vomit to see myself! We are watching the Baughan's this weekend! so fun... you know what I mean ;) hope you and Taylor are f
doing well! We will have to plan to come to Utah soon! miss you guys! love kristen

Natalie said...

kris! tisk, your mouth! the house looks like it is coming right along! keep up the good work boys!
love you.

John and Heather and now Presley said...

Lucy is so adorable! Is she starting to get a personality? It's so much fun... House projects are fun and demanding!!!

Mark and Kristi said...

The house is looking good! You are not even going to believe that is the house you bought when you are finished! Lucy is adorable and getting bigger! It was great to talk to you for awhile on the phone! I will keep you updated. Love ya!

Taylor & Marisha said...

Horray...D-Backs vs. Rockies! Will (Sara's boyfriend) got tickets and we are going to the game on Monday night. They are flying out, you should also. Maybe a Sun's game this winter?

Beached Whale??? I don't think so.