Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring time is here! We had so much fun planting flowers in our garden today!
Lucy is a climber... she loves the stairs!
Helping Dad mow the lawn
ughhh.... dirty hands!

Daddy's girl!

another kitchen picture!


Heather said...

So much fun.. I am jealous of the green grass and shorts. We are expecting snow again this weekend! BRRR. Can you believe she is almost one???

The Booher's said...

Lucy is sooo cute! Is she walking already? Crazy!

Barker's said...

NO! I cannot believe that she is almost 1! But it is so much fun! I totally understand why people want to have lots of children! Not quite walking yet... but she is so close! She climbs on EVERYTHING! She is my little monkey!

Britney & Kevin said...

Hey Kristen! How are you doing? Some how I found your blog! Your girl is so darlin'!