Wednesday, March 16, 2011


...a bit technical-logically more understanding, and dare I say savvy?
I find pride in things that are easy when I thought they would be hard.

I always knew there was a way to get my photos off my cell phone and onto my computer, but I didn't know how.
I set out on a determined journey to accomplish just this, yesterday... didn't happen. I was annoyed, but not frustrated.
So, I tried again.
About 2.5 years ago I left my coveted Blackberry on an airplane in Washington D.C.
I cried. A little bit of my "life" was gone.
I reported it to the proper "authorities."

But have YOU ever dealt with US Airways customer service? It is a funny thing. Sometimes you get a cheerie little voice and it sounds so hopeful, sometimes you get what is what you think to be only seen on T.V but in real life. Ah-maz-zing, Truly baffling. And then sometimes you think... how did {this} person ever make it through an interview let alone get through the hiring process....? I could teach a few things to that company. {starting with the increase in pilot salaries} I know that's NOT humble... but I am confident in my abilities to be able to make a difference sometimes!
No surprise that I NEVER saw or heard from my beloved Blackberry.
I was devastated. I had pictures on that pretty little baby that I will never recover. That hurts. It still, 2.5 years later hurts really bad.
So here I am finally getting my pictures off of my new ( and not so fancy) phone and I feel proud. I feel good that I have backed these pictures up and hopefully will retain for forever.
Thank you for obliging me sweet technology. I am a process but I am {Becoming} more understanding and with a deeper appreciation for you.

And here is the proof :

Krispy Kreme when my Dad came to visit last September!

My baby!
( I remember he was a little mad a me @ this moment!)

"hot dog" donuts from Spring Hill Bakery.. thanks to the Walbeck's!

The only picture I have of Halloween!

there are few things sweeter than my sleeping babies

We were driving last summer and I saw something in the road... this was it.... "It is not what it looks like." The one on top was trying to get over the other and well... this is what ended up!

these ones are for you Jenny!

I am so sad that her "gap" has closed so much since this. So dang cute!

The last 2 Sunday's right before going to Church... sending off love pictures to Daddy is a daily occurence and I like the way these came out edited from my phone.



elizabeth said...

As I was reading this, I was hoping that a miracle occurred and you got your phone back after all of these years. Regardless, I'm glad you found a way to get all of these pictures.

Some of my favorites: Halloween (I love both costumes and the fact that Peter was Peter)and Lucy in the tent.

Miss ya.

Kristen said...

I miss you too! The weather is so nice and I need a walking buddy again. (the running thing has been put at bay for a while!)

Jenny said...

I really could use the 5 mile kanawha walk right now-- 9pm at night. I'm feelin like I didn't burn enough cals today:). The pic of lucy and will was heart wrenching, I miss our walks, I miss our friendship, hope your surviving gorgeous blooming west virginia even without mr ben. yes, I heard it was 82 TODAY. Don't you dare say you want to leave WV because then your gone and you wish you were back!! enjoy the spring.

Anonymous said...

So cute!