Sunday, March 6, 2011

the goings on

It's been a whole week since Superman flew to St. Louis.
First night he was in a Tornado... whoa!
We talk more than we normally do when he is home.
It's the reason our relationship ever became what it has.
That's how we started and what we did for the first 18 months of our relationship.
We've got it down.
Skype would be a nice feature, or the new IPad... ( won't be long 'till I do a little convincing!)
But we've survived not having Daddy face to face.
Although... Peter has replaced "daddy" with Ben's tape measure. He walks around holding it, insisting on taking it in the car (although I don't let it out of the car) and shows people whenever he can, "dad-da."
It is really sweet and sad.

Ben told me the other night that he is "bored." I feel deep anguish for him. NOT.
I am however glad that he is "bored" rather than overwhelmed.

The snow showed up this morning. I must admit I did a double-take when I looked out the window this morning. I stand by statement that West Virginia is the "bi-polar weather" State. I think they should add that right into the state slogan.

"Wild, Wonderful, Bi-polar Weather, WEST VIRGINIA."
Has a nice ring to it.. no?

Our friends, The Walbeck's, showed me how to "fix" our computer.
Thanks to them for running out on Friday night and meeting me with 2 crazy babies at Best Buy to buy an external hard drive.
It is safe to say that I am challenged when it comes to the inner workings of technology.
Our photographs are neatly organized and "backed-up" onto our cute little but HEFTY new hard drive. And now I have a quickly functioning computer again with ample space! sigh.


Natalie said...

Ben, if you are in the reaches of my voice don't ever be stupid enough to tell your wife, who is caring for your two toddlers full time, that you are BORED. Tell her that you have been crying and missing her every single day and that she can't imagine how grateful you are for her sacrifice for your success.

kristen, i am so bummed that you aren't coming. your gut has never failed you so i don't doubt your decision. but i am sad. we'll talk tomorrow instead. it will have to do:). love you!

Travis said...

I am glad that hard drive is working out for you... and I had 3 kids that night... ;) Although I will admit, they are a little older than yours and can fend for themselves...

Jenny said...

that hair just keeps getting more red. love it. And ellie makes a face very close to that!
skype- worth a try, its fun to see someone, but not very fun to talk on for long periods of time. If you get "bored" fly on out to cda:)

elizabeth said...

I'm glad you're surviving life as a bachelorette. It looks like you may have a Ben replacement soon. I love that Peter is taking over that role.

Stefany said...

Oh my goodness....that red hair is to die for!!! So handsome!!!

mary.liz said...

Love all these pictures and updates! I sure miss you guys and hope things are going well. Sorry you are on your own for a while. You can do it! You can do it!

Is it ironic that the word verifier says: "parde" ?? Not a "parde" being a single parent but you are so strong and this will be a blip in your memory bank soon! :)

Love you!