Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today's highlights included:

*Rain- lots of awesome, feel good, spring is here, and so are my tulips -RAIN.

*Superman- Ben text me with his upcoming "tentative" schedule... 6 weeks just got cut in half, followed by a 2 week sabatical! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (company scheduling conflict- not his abilities!)

*Zumba- 2 times in one day... Makes a girl happy. My feet and knee disagree with my heart tonight though. ( cool down was to Air Suppy's I'm all out of love- awesome!)

*Lunch- had lunch today with a friend.. NO kids made it really enjoyable.

*Target- found a (50-200mm) telephoto lens at Target on clearance for $79.98 that didn't have a box and they graciously gave me an additional 20% off. SCORE!!!!!

*Kids- were so awesome today. No threats from me, just lots and lots of love all the way around. These days feel so good.

*Dinner- it was left-overs from last night... but I MUST say, The Pioneer Woman has got mad skills for some super Yummers Enchiladas! I am a sucker for Mexican food. And when you get some GOOOOOOOOOOOD homemade Mexican recipes... there is happiness, lots of ridiculous happiness in my belly!

Looking forward to a Happy Friday!


Travis said...

Those enchiladas were awesome... Not quite as awesome as Ben coming home early, or getting some sweet new glass, but awesome...

Jenny said...

did you make the famous avacado salsa with the enchiladas? yey for nice kids for a busy momma!

Kara said...

I adore great days like that. Yay for you. What a fabulous deal on your lens. What kind of camera do you have?

elizabeth said...

I take it you got a new camera. Nice. We had those enchiladas for dinner last night.

Kristen said...

E- so yummers huh/!
I am recording Bach right now... so excited! xoxo